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Pulsz Casino stands out as a leading online social casino that offers an exceptional fusion of gaming and sweepstakes. It provides an enjoyable and rewarding experience with numerous opportunities to win cash prizes and rewards. Pulsz collaborates with renowned game developers like Betsoft, Booming Games, and Pragmatic Play, ensuring a wide selection of high-quality titles for players to enjoy.

Let’s delve deeper into what sets Pulsz apart, including its legal status in the United States and its most appealing promotions.

How does Pulsz social casino work?

Pulsz Casino operates similarly to other online casinos, but you aren’t required to put down deposits or real money to start playing. All winnings go to your Pulsz account, and you can use Gold coins to play whatever game you choose. Additionally, users can turn your in-game coins into real rewards and prizes.

How to play games with Pulsz

Before we get into the weeds with our Pulsz Casino review, we would like to briefly overview how to get set up with Pulsz Casino. One thing we noticed rather quickly is that this social casino has a very user-friendly gaming experience for mobile users, so this should be smooth sailing to get started. You also don’t need a credit card or online banking to give it a try.

Setup your Pulsz Casino account

To start playing games, you must establish a Pulsz Casino account. Our approach was to use the convenient option of single sign-on through Google, although you have the flexibility to employ your email address or Facebook account if you so desire.

After successfully setting up our account, we gained entry into the lobby, which showcases an extensive collection of games. The assortment is diverse, encompassing numerous slot games along with traditional and new games titles like blackjack and roulette.

Claim your free bonus of 5,000 gold coins

Most of the free slots are played under a sweepstakes casino model. This makes it a great place for those who like to play slots without having to wager real money on each spin. Pulsz even goes as far as giving everyone 5,000 gold coins when they start, regardless of whether you connect a bank account or buy sweepstakes coins.

You use these free gold coins in your gold coin package to play any of the available games. By winning, you’ll stack up more coins or gain real cash prizes.

While Pulsz’s no-deposit welcome bonus is great, you can get a much better welcome bonus at a very low cost.

Pulsz Casino welcome bonus offer

The welcome bonus is often the highlight for many visitors, and at Pulsz, it’s no exception.

By signing up through our link, you can unlock an impressive offer: 173,500 gold coins and 110 VIP points for just $9.99. If that doesn’t satisfy your appetite for bonuses, there’s an even more enticing option available—362,000 gold coins and 460 VIP points, all for $59.99.

So, why is this bonus code such a big deal?

Firstly, it grants you a substantial amount of free coins, providing an excellent starting point to enjoy online slots. It’s an enticing opportunity to dive into the gaming experience right away. Secondly, those coins can be utilized to earn valuable VIP points, which open doors to Pulsz tournaments and can even be converted into real cash prizes.

In terms of welcome bonuses, Pulsz Casino has truly raised the bar with this exceptional first-purchase bonus.

Pulsz Endless Games

What types of Casino-style games will you find?

At Pulsz, you can access a wide array of online casino games, encompassing traditional favorites such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, as well as popular slot games like Wolf Gold, Book of Dead, or Starburst. Furthermore, you can participate in tournaments alongside your friends, competing for substantial prizes.

In general, we were highly impressed by the quality and visual appeal of each game and the swift loading times.

Classic Slots

These are modeled after the traditional slot machine, commonly known as a classic slot. They typically consist of three reels and one to three pay lines. Nonetheless, modern classic slots can incorporate nostalgic themes and comparable mechanics while also offering enhanced bonus features that provide greater rewards.

Jackpots Pulsz Social Casino


As the name suggests, jackpot slots are a category of slot machines that present a distinctive jackpot prize, distinct from the regular game rewards.

These games feature jackpots that can differ in value and have the potential to award six- or seven-digit prizes from a single spin. It’s important to note that there are also jackpots that can be won randomly without the necessity of triggering them through special symbols.

pulsz casino

Hold and Win

Hold and win slot games possess a unique layout that encourages players to seek out specific symbols in order to form winning combinations. This mechanism activates a bonus round when a designated number of scatter symbols or other special symbols emerge on the reels, granting access to free spins and additional re-spin opportunities within the game.

This exciting feature has been incorporated into online slots for it’s thrilling gameplay as it gives added potential to secure winnings.

pulsz casino games

Table Games

Pulsz casino also has the tried and true table games, although there’s far less than the assortment of pulsz casino slots. Some of the table games they offer include:

  • Texas Holdem Poker

  • Multihand Blackjack

You can use your free 5,000 gold coins to play these fun games and even play live casino games. Similarly, you can also use the gold coin package from your first purchase bonus to take you even further and maximize your chances of winning sweeps coins.

Pulsz Casino Usability, Look & Feel

The usability of the site and app didn’t leave us disappointed. The game list is large and colorful, and has a vivid color throughout. This is true for the site versions as well as the mobile games we tested for this Pulsz Review. Everything feels quite intuitive and is easy to understand for players of all experience levels.

Customer Service – okay for a social casino

As far as the quality of the customer service goes-it could be improved. The casino does not have a communications portal that many customers find irritating. Chat buttons – a common contact tool in all modern game sites – are no longer available. Instead, you only have the website’s contact page.

Gain Sweepstakes Coins and win real money

As we mentioned before, without ever making a purchase, you can play on a range of top slots for fun or the chance to redeem Pulsz Casino real money rewards. But, how does that work?

The coin packages you earn through pulsz casino promotions or a welcome bonus is your virtual currency that allows you to free play games across the casino. With your gold coin balance and sweepstakes coins you can exchange them for real money rewards.

How does Pulsz casino stack up against other social casinos?

The Pulsz casino application is surprisingly user friendly and offers a game portfolio that is extensive. With over 500 games to pick from, its easy to see why Pulsz is so popular.

Beyond that fact you’ll likely find more games here than in other casinos they also offer generous free bonus coin packages with their welcome bonus that makes it fun and easy to get started.

Compared to other casinos, this truly stands out as one of the finest we’ve come across. We wholeheartedly recommend seizing this opportunity. No-deposit bonuses and deposit match bonuses like the ones Pulsz offers aren’t unheard of, but tend to be more common among traditional online casinos rather than social casinos.

Pulsz Casino Reviews: Google Pay and Apple Store

Whenever we conduct game reviews, we always prioritize gathering feedback from actual users. There’s nothing quite like hearing directly from the players themselves.

Pulsz Social Casino Spin to Win

Regarding the Pulsz Android app, it boasts an impressive rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 on the Google Play Store, based on over 12,000 reviews. This substantial number of positive ratings indicates that players are genuinely satisfied with their overall experience on Pulsz. Of course, it’s important to note that there are a few negative comments, primarily highlighting occasional glitches and bugs, which are to be expected with any new game.

On the iOS side, the app fares even better, with an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, based on nearly 1,200 reviews. This high rating further underscores the genuine enjoyment that players derive from the Pulsz experience.

In our opinion, Pulsz Casino is a fantastic addition to the social gaming landscape, and we highly recommend it. Whether you seek entertainment to pass the time or opportunities to win exciting prizes, Pulsz offers it all. Furthermore, the availability of games on both iOS and Android platforms ensures that everyone can join in on the fun.

Pulsz Casino FAQs

We know this Pulsz casino review covered a lot of group in a short amount of time so we thought it might be best to answer any lingering questions you might have in the follow Q&A section.

Is Pulsz Casino legit?

Yes, pulsz casino is a leading social casino that allows users to choose from over 500 games including traditional and new slots games, table games, and more. Players are given 5,000 gold coins upon signup to get started. However, you can use a purchase bonus to receive significantly more gold coins, sweepstakes coins, and upgrade their VIP program. Additionally, sweepstakes coins can be exchanged for real cash prices and gift cards.

Does Pulsz Casino really pay?

Pulsz casino allows users to play without having to ever pay money. Instead, they use cryptocurrencies: either Gold coins or Sweepstakes coins. The Sweepstakes coins can then be redeemed for cash prizes.

Can you win real money with Pulsz?

You cannot directly win real money. However, you have the opportunity to accumulate Sweepstakes Coins, one of the virtual currencies utilized on the platform, and subsequently convert them into valuable cash prizes at a later stage.

How fast does Pulsz pay out?

Pulsz requires three to four weeks to process cash prizes and 24-48 hours for a gift card purchase. Some players report approval within hours of the winnings. In the case of the payment process Pulsz will have to wait 4 working days for the payment to be processed.

How do you win money on Pulsz Casino?

Getting Pulsz bonuses is quite easy. You can register and receive free 2.3 sweepstakes coins. There are no real cash games are available at Pulsz Casino. Sweepstakes money works by using the winning amount to redeem cash prizes.