The Best MI Poker Sites

Since passing the Lawful Internet Gaming Act in 2021, online poker in Michigan has exploded in popularity. With the increase in demand came an increase in new online poker sites. The market quickly became flooded with options, making it difficult for Michigan online poker players to choose one to play with.

If you are overwhelmed by all the online poker options, we have you covered!

We have gone through many of the most popular options to determine the best Michigan online poker sites. In doing so, we reviewed a number of factors, including ease of use, games available, promotions, banking options, and reputation for safe and secure play. This ensures we only recommend the very best sites to play online poker.

If you are looking for help choosing from the many poker sites in Michigan, check out this list of our best sites!

BetMGM Online Poker


Coming out the gates as the best Michigan poker site to offer online poker, we’re leading our list off with BetMGM. They offer generous welcome bonuses, a wide range of stakes and games, safe and secure payment options, and top-notch customer service. They also have some of the best promotions available for their players.

What we love about BetMGM is their deposit match bonus. They offer up to $1000 deposit match and a $75 no-deposit bonus on the house! That’s an incredible bonus!


Next on our list is Caesars, another great online poker site in Michigan. They offer competitive welcome bonuses and an extensive selection of games that range from beginner-friendly to high roller stakes, making it great for players of all levels. Plus, they have a wide variety of banking options available, so you can easily deposit and withdraw your funds.

They also have some of the best promotions in the business, like their Caesars Rewards program. This gives you access to exclusive bonuses and special offers. You can play poker, and score points that you can use at their various hotels, casinos, and resorts.


More than just a daily fantasy sports site, DraftKings also has one of the best online poker rooms in Michigan. They offer generous welcome bonuses and a wide selection of games and stakes. Their app and website are seamless and intuitive, making it easy to navigate and find the game you’re looking for. Plus, they have an impressive library of poker tutorials that are great for new players.

What’s great about DraftKings is they only require a single login for their casino, sportsbook, and DFS app. So if you’re familiar with playing DFS with them, getting in on the poker action is easy.

FanDuel Online Poker


Just like DraftKings, FanDuel has a popular online poker room in Michigan with its roots in daily fantasy sports. They’re just about on par with DraftKings and Caesars when it comes to the variety of games, and their app and website are easy to use.

What we love about FanDuel is their crazy welcome bonus. They have a $2,000 Play-it-Again bonus that is good for the first 24 hours after your first deposit. That’s a lot of bonus money!


While BetRivers is last on the list, it’s definitely not the least. They’re another powerhouse casino that has recently entered the Michigan online poker scene. They offer up generous bonuses and a wide selection of games, but their app seems a bit dated.

Typically with a dated app, we wouldn’t even feature BetRivers, but their deposit bonus of a 100% match up to $500 with super easy terms is too good to pass up.

A History of Legal Online Poker in Michigan

In 2021, Michigan passed the Lawful Internet Gaming Act, which launched legal online gaming and sports betting in the state. While online poker was already popular across the country, the new law allowed for cash games to be played from the comfort of your home.

PokerStars Michigan was the first legal online poker website to launch in the state, but many others soon followed. Now Michigan is believed to have brought in almost $2 billion from online gambling in the state. Those funds are mostly funneled into the State School Aid Fund to help improve Michigan’s education system.

Along with the ability for Michigan residents to play legal poker online, the law also placed the regulation of the industry under the Michigan Gaming Control Board. That means that online poker operators would need to be approved and meet the standards set forward by the state. This ensured that Michigan players were protected when playing in online poker rooms.

Unregulated online cash games and online poker tournaments were common before the law, but players were taking risks by playing. Mainly, the lack of regulation around fair play and online banking led to many bettors losing money. Many of those sites can still be found, but we always recommend sticking with the legal online poker platforms.

What to Look for When Choosing an Online Poker Site

Now that you’ve seen our list of the best Michigan poker sites, it’s time to decide which one is right for you. Before you do, a few factors must be considered to ensure you pick the one that best fits your needs.

Welcome bonus code

While the welcome bonus doesn’t have to be the ultimate deciding factor, it’s important to consider when choosing an online poker site. You will often find things like bonus bets, a deposit match, or access to exclusive games. A strong welcome bonus can give you a head start when playing online poker and even allow you to win more money. Be sure to compare the offerings when choosing between Michigan poker sites

Loyalty programs

A solid welcome bonus code is nice, but it won’t last you very long. That is why we encourage players to review each online poker site’s loyalty program. Most offer them, but some are far better than others. Some even offer rewards that can be redeemed for free hotel stays at local resorts, such as the MGM Grand Detroit.

Review available payment methods

Many legal online poker sites will have you covered if you plan to use a credit card or online banking. However, verifying the site you choose accepts them before signing up is always wise. Options like Skrill, PayNearMe, or even PayPal aren’t always accepted, so always check before creating an account with a new online poker account.

Verify your choice is a legal online poker site

While online poker cash games are now legal, many unregulated sites are still operating within Michigan. While they may have tempting promotions and offers to draw you in, it’s important to stick to legal poker sites. That way, you know that both your money and information will remain secure, as all legal poker sites are regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. You can look for their logo when checking on the legality of an online poker site.

Tips for Playing Online Poker in Michigan

Whether you want to play Texas Hold’em or Pot limit Omaha, a few tips can help increase your poker winnings. While nothing can guarantee poker wins, these tips can help improve your chances and improve the overall experience. After all, online poker sites are meant to be fun.

If you are new to online poker in Michigan, try using these tips when you start playing.

Clearly understand the rules of each game

This may sound like a no-brainer, but plenty of people hop into online poker rooms without fully understanding the rules of the game. Unlike other popular casino games, Poker has hundreds of different variations that all come with different rules. Be sure to read the instructions and understand the gameplay before putting entering any cash games

Develop a solid strategy

Poker strategy is extremely important since you face other players instead of a computer or live dealer. A lack of a clear plan can lead to erratic betting and make you more vulnerable to other aggressive players. Playing on free online poker platforms can increase your skill and provide invaluable experience to increase your winnings.

Don’t be afraid to bluff

Any good poker strategy will come with a solid bluffing plan. While some players don’t enjoy this part of the game when playing in commercial casinos, playing online makes this easier. With no or limited views of other players, you don’t have to worry about “tells” or masking reactions.

Try out online poker tournaments

These require more time to play, but they can often be the most fun. In a tournament, everyone buys in for a set amount of chips and plays until there is one player left. You can play a short version with just one table or try for bigger winnings in multi-table tournaments. Remember that once you enter, you must play until you are out. Be sure to budget enough time before entering any online tournament.

Have a money management plan in place

Online poker is only fun when you aren’t stressed about overspending. That means setting a firm budget of how much you can bet on any given day or week. Poker is an especially emotional game since you are playing against other live players. It’s easy to get frustrated and want to play until you can beat a rival, but this is a quick way to drain your bankroll. Having a budget in place can help prevent emotional betting and keep your bankroll safe.

Michigan Online Poker FAQ

Is online poker legal in Michigan?

Yes! Real money online poker in Michigan became legal in 2021 under the Lawful Internet Gaming Act and is regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

How do I choose the right online poker site?

Always check for things like bonuses, games available, and payment methods, and verify it is a legal online poker site.

What is the best Michigan online poker website?

We have ranked our favorite sites for Michigan online poker, all of which provide different bonuses. We recommend comparing our top three online poker sites to see which fits your needs the best.

Do all online casinos offer poker games?

Most will allow you to play online poker but always verify before signing up. Some casinos may focus more on slot games or sports betting.

Can I play online poker with people outside of Michigan?

Michigan online poker laws do allow for multi-state internet gaming online. That means you can play with people from other states that allow online gambling sites.

Are Michigan online poker sites fair?

Legal online poker sites have regulations in place to ensure every game that is played is done so fairly. This is not something that is guaranteed with unregulated sites, so be sure to stick to the ones approved by the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

What is the minimum age to play online poker in Michigan?

You must be at least 21 years of age to play real money online poker. This is the same age as for land-based casinos and other legal online gambling sites.

Are there good bonuses for playing online poker?

Yes, many sites offer welcome bonuses or loyalty rewards that can provide extra money or other benefits. We like the no-deposit bonuses the most, but they’re much rarer than typical deposit bonuses.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

Just like any other online purchase, you’ll need to provide some personal and banking information in order to receive your winnings. Most sites will also require some form of ID verification as well. Additionally, be sure to check the withdrawal limits for each site before signing up as they vary from casino to casino.